The Kaabo Mantis 10 offers several optimal design features that make it safe, comfortable and portable.

10 inch wheels with inflatable inner tubes

The 10 inch wheel diameter offers excellent scooter stability and the inflatable inner tubes improve absorption and traction.

Kaabo Mantis Canada Breaks
Front and rear C-type shock absorbers

The powerful front and rear C-type shock absorbers significantly improve stability and steering when riding over uneven surfaces such as potholes.

The shock absorbers combined with the 10 inch inflatable wheels make the Kaabo Mantis the most enjoyable and smooth riding scooter on the market.

Kaabo Mantis Canada Front Breaks
Wide riser-style handle bar

The 20-inch riser-style handle bar allows for comfortable and precise steering at all speeds.

Starting weight of 23KG

Starting at 23KG and ranging to 30KG, the Kaabo Mantis is light enough to be carried up and down stairs and easily packed in a trunk of a car.