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Unigogo Dual Pro 11 Electric Scooter


  • Dual 1200W motors.
  • 60V 23AH battery.
  • 11″ off-road tires installed.
  • Sinwave LED display; 3 speeds.
  • Starter key.
  • Fully-hydraulic brakes.
  • 70-80 km range.
  • 60km/h top speed.
  • 6-8 hour charge time.


Brand New Design and stock.

Prior to shipping every scooter undergoes a robust quality control check:

  1. Charging
  2. Brake functionality and fluid levels
  3. Motor and mode check
  4. Tire pressure
  5. Tire seating check

The Unigogo Dual Pro 11 is designed to be a durable off-road scooter that incorporates the most practical and intuitive design elements. The Dual Pro 11 uses 11″ tubeless off-road tires, an adjustable spring suspension, a heavy-duty stem clamp and an intuitively placed ignition key. Incorporating aggressive design features, the Dual Pro 11 also exemplifies heavy-duty construction by using extra thick aluminum components at every corner, from the kick-stand to the handle bar. A number pad lock has been added to the deck of the scooter for easy and practical access to the battery. The acceleration is triggered by the commonly preferred thumb button, making the brake handle more accessible. The dual 1200W motors and fully-hydraulic disc brakes keep it on par with the Wolf Warrior 11 model offered by Kaabo.

Unigogo Dual Pro 11 specifications:

Folded length 130 cm/ 51″
Folded height 56 cm/ 22″
Folded width 60 cm/ 24″
Unfolded length 130 cm/ 51″
Unfolded height 128 cm/ 50″
Width unfolded 56 cm/ 22″
Weight 45 kg/ 109 lbs
Range 70 – 80 km
Max Speed 60 km/h
Power 60V 23 Ah
Max load supported 150 kg/ 330 lbs
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Tire 11 Inches
Motors 1200W Dual-motor
Full charging time 6 – 8 hours
Slope 40 %
Sealing No
Colour Black



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